Custom Painted Apparel & Ultra~Violet Art

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Everything is better with friends.

Beautiful paint job. Definitely one of my favorite photos.

Cheers to all the lovely ladies that got these amazing chest pieces painted. Whooo!

Hey look! It’s Sam!!! It was great to see you at Forest, and we are excited to see you again soon! -skeleton

Saw some amazing, crazy people at Forest this year. We always love to see the cool performers that stop by our booth!


So much love right here.. Thank u again @blvisuals were so stoked about these.. Welcome to the Fam! Can’t you tell we’re excited haha #collab #festyfam #FestyBestyXblvisuals #flowerhalos #stayweird #trippy (at The Hudson Project Music + Arts Festival)

We have mad love for the @blvisuals crew! Thanks so much for hooking us up with some fresh gear!! Festy Besty X BL Visuals Flower Halos coming soon! #blvisuals #tank #bootyshorts #festybesty #flowerhalo #flowercrown #floweheadband #festyfam (at The Hudson Project Music + Arts Festival)

Thank you so much!!! (I have a Flower Halo for myself from Hudson, I love it!)
-Morgan :)
Much love!!!

I found us on BLvisuals!!! Fucking rad

YESSS. We hope to see your lovely faces in the future!!!