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Moonrise, anyone?

Hello beautiful people! 

Today marks the day that we pack up and head to Moonrise for this weekend!!! 
We will have a merchandise booth and a full scale body painting booth for maximum colorization!

Definitely come check us out if you’re going to be there, and if not at Moonrise, we hope to see the rest of you soon!!!

All is Love,

This is our beautiful mascot Lola rocking BLV gear!~
Post a picture of your pet rocking some BLV gear with the hashtag #BLVmascot for your chance to win a beautiful gift for you and your companion! You also must be following @blvisuals so we can view all of your entries! ~ 
Winner will be chosen on Tuesday August 5th! Have fun! :) #blvisuals #mascot #photocontest #giveaway #psychedelic #art #smiles #love #bliss #pets #dogspfinstagram #creativity
Mission: Blow Minds.
Status: Accomplished.

Cheers to some of the people we caught on camera rocking the BLV!



Paint the people! <3

I want to personally thank these fabulous people for being so incredibly amazing and enthusiastic!!! We were so happy to see you all each day of Hudson, and your energy was infectious!
By the way, you ROCKED that Ethereal Peacock tank!!!
True Blue.